Choose Icon LASIK for its Experience, Technology, and Affordability

ICON LASIK is the leading provider of LASIK and PRK in Colorado. LASIK is five minute out-patient procedures that can eliminate or greatly reduce your dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

ICON's independent surgeons have performed over 100,000 LASIK and PRK procedures in Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction, Colorado. In addition to LASIK, ICON performs other refractive surgery procedures such as the Visian® ICL lens implant and the Clear Lens Exchange. ICON has locations in Denver. Grand Junction and Loveland, Colorado.

Icon LASIK's Advantages

Icon LASIK's advantages include

  • Affordability - Icon's affordability is centered around providing accessible laser vision correction to everyone. We do not need to charge an arm and a leg. Our LASIK pricing is fair and the best in Denver.
  • Class Leading LASIK Technology - Icon's independent lasik surgeons can utilize the best lasik technology available not only in Denver but around the world.
  • LASIK Experience - Over 100,000 LASIK/PRK procedures performed in Colorado (Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction)

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Icon LASIK's Technology

In addition to being one of the most experienced LASIK providers in the United States ICON has invested in the latest technology for both the LASIK procedure and pre-op testing. This assures that the patient will receive the most thorough pre-op testing possible and will be treated with the lasers that are most appropriate for their eyes. Being located in Colorado, Icon boasts many world class athletes on their patient roster. Two of the most well know athletics who have received refractive procedures from ICON's independent surgeons are John Elway and the professional cyclist Tom Danielson. In addition Colorado professional baseball player Sean Jarrett recently had LASIK at Icon and now sees 20/15.

Icon LASIK Supports the Community

As part of ICON's support of Colorado sporting events ICON LASIK is the stage six sponsor of the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Technology and Experience
Icon Lasik
Icon's Competitive Advantage
NIDEK EC-5000 Laser One of the most widely used laser platforms around the world. The NIDEK has been used for over 3 million procedures.
VISX S4 Wavefront Laser The VISX S4 Wavefront LASIK platform is preferred for certain patients. The Wavefront system produces outstanding post surgical vision.
Intralase Bladefree LASIK Bladefree LASIK creates a precise corneal flap which allows LASIK to be performed on a wider range of patients.
OPD Scan This pre-LASIK diagnostic tool increases the probability of post surgical vision being better than the old 20/20 LASIK standard.
Ocular Response Test
The Ocular Response Test helps predict patients who maybe more susceptible to corneal conditions such keratoconus and Fuchs Dystrophy. Results and Safety are Icon's priorities.