Icon LASIK Corporate Information

Icon LASIK is a privately owned corporation offering facilities for laser eye surgery, sunglasses, general eye care, and the treatment of eye diseases in Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction, Colorado. Patients treated at ICON facilities hail from all 50 states and dozens of countries.

Icon LASIK Press Releases

  • Icon LASIK Adds Best in Class Diagnostic Technology
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Jobs in Denver, Loveland, Grand Junction, and Cherry Creek

Icon is now hiring general medical office support staff for the Denver and Loveland LASIK locations. We are also now hiring for the new Cherry Creek sunglasses and general eye care location which will be right across the street from the Whole Foods in Cherry Creek North.

Visit our job page for more information on eye care job openings in Denver, Grand Junction, Loveland, and Cherry Creek.

Athlete and Celebrity Sponsorship Information

Icon is interesting in working with athletes and celebrities who are interested in having laser eye surgery. Please contact us through the form below with more information about yourself and your sponsorship requirements. Icon currently sponsors the Loveland ski racing team and Tom Danielson a professional cyclist who rides for Garmin-Cervelo, Lucas Euser who rode for Spidertech through 2012, and dozens of other professional athletes. Icon previously supported Jeff Meyer a professional snowboarder.

Community Involvement

Icon frequently donates to local charities, in particular auctions as well as placing ads in high school sports programs.

See just a few of the Denver Charities that Icon supports.

Here are few recent donations - Icon LASIK donated LASIK surgery to the Children's Diabetes Foundation at Denver for the High Hopes Tribute Dinner Auction. Visit Children's Diabetes Foundation for more information. Icon has also helped the Denver Ronald McDonald House. In 2012 Icon is supporting the Ram Good Time Foundation which helps student-athletes at Colorado State University (CSU).

If you represent a local charity we would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact us using the form below for more information.

Icon LASIK Logo Usage and Guidelines

There are certain ways which the Icon LASIK logo can be used. Please review the following document for specific examples.

Icon LASIK logo usage for the U.S.

Icon LASIK logo usage for China

Trademark Information

ICON LASIK takes trademark infringement seriously. In just 2013 two infringing users were shut down. If you like the ICON and the ICON LASIK name you can contact us to discuss licensing.

Contact Information

3900 East Mexico
Suite 102
Denver, CO 80210

(f) 720-293-0600