Denver Intralase custom LASIK

At Icon LASIK in Denver, we offer bladeless LASIK, wavefront lasik, and the NIDEK EC-5000 eye tracker. By offering several different LASIK treatment options, you and your Icon LASIK doctor, will determine which laser vision treatment option is best for you. The result is a greater likelihood of better than 20/20 vision.

An overview of intralase lasik
If you have heard of "bladeless lasik," then you have heard about intralase. Intralase is one of several techniques and lasers available for performing lasik eye surgery. The Intralase method is a 100% blade-free technique. In comparison, with traditional lasik eye surgery where a blade is used for the first step, creating the corneal flap. The corneal flap is necessary to allow the laser to reshape the inner cornea. The reshaping of the cornea by an excimer laser is where the actual correction of vision occurs.

How intralase is different from traditional lasik
The intralase bladeless lasik system is different because it uses small, frequent, pulses of light to create the corneal flap. The pulses of light (the laser) create the corneal flap not by cutting, but by forming microscopic bubbles at a predetermined position. The surgeon then gently pull back the cornea allowing for the intralase laser to perform the corrective portion of the surgery. Traditionally, a surgeon creates the corneal flap with a metal blade.

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