Denver LASIK / Colorado laser eye surgeons

Interested in getting lasik in Denver, Colorado? Icon's independent surgeons have treated over 125,000 eyes and have over 20 years of general eye care experience. Our Denver, Colorado based laser eye surgeons, optometrists, nurses, technicians, and support staff are trained in providing the latest in lasik care. In addition, the experience this team of trained eye care providers has access to multiple laser platforms to offer you the proper treatment for your eyes.

By using multiple laser vision correction systems, including the VISX Star 4 custom wavefront laser, the NIDEK EC5000 eye tracker, the Allegretto, and the Intralase bladeless lasik system, Icon owns the proper laser for even the most difficult to treat prescriptions (yes, if you have an astigmatism you can have lasik).

Icon Owns Multiple Lasers (NIDEK, Wavefront, Bladeless, Allegretto)
Many other clinics do not own their own laser and nearly all Denver lasik surgeons do not have multiple platforms. The benefit of having multiple lasers is evident when examining the following clinical studies which show that for some patients the NIDEK EC5000 eyetracker produces better outcomes than the VISX Wavefront system. Results of a clinical study showing exactly how patients turn out using the NIDEK.

Other studies have shown that the VISX Wavefront system is better for certain prescriptions. What these studies show is not that one laser is always the proper choice. Instead, it reinforces the standard that having the option of using different lasers is extremely important when your surgeon is determining the proper treatment for your eyes. Since Icon owns multiple laser vision correction platforms, that are all located right here in Denver, Colorado, you will have the best chances of seeing 20/20 or 20/15 post surgery! Why settle for 20/20 vision?

LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery Ancillary Technology
We have a wide range of instruments available to accurately measure your vision including the latest optical biometric device from Zeiss. At ICON we also use a nomogram to statistically calculate your custom treatment plan where your results should lie. Statistically the more samples available the better the results. Since ICON has completed more procedures in Colorado, ICON's nomogram is the most accurate because it takes into account the environmental factors that are unique to Colorado such as the high altitude and dry air. This means you have the best chance for achieving your optimal laser corrected vision at ICON. Simply put, you are more likely to improve your vision to 20/20 or better.

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