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ICON has extensive LASIK and cataract experience in Colorado, with more than 200,000 LASIK procedures performed at its clinics. ICON has an experienced team you can trust with your eyes.


The advanced lasers and bladeless technology make ICON the leader in technology for getting LASIK and/or laser-assisted cataract surgery.


Because of ICON's experience and focus on Colorado's patients, we are able to provide affordable LASIK and cataract pricing.

A Message From
Dr. David Litoff, Chief Medical Officer of ICON

On behalf of our team of board certified doctors and patient care team, I am honored to be the Chief Medical Officer for ICON Eyecare leading clinical innovations as we help patients restore their vision and lives.

Comprehensive eye care with the latest technology and experienced physicians.

ICON Eyecare - Advanced Eye Exams
ICON Eyecare's optometrists and ophthalmologist treat a wide variety of eye diseases as well as annual eye exams.
Experienced Cataract Surgeons
If you're having trouble reading, seeing in the distance, or noticing difficulty with night vision, it may be due to cataracts. Cataracts are overwhelmingly common...
Experience the ICON Difference for LASIK and GO SEE a Whole New World Clearly
Your eyes deserve care and attention. ICON’s experience, technology and affordability provide quality LASIK eye surgery and care!
Glaucoma eye doctor
ICON's glaucoma specialists are fellowship trained in treating your glaucoma. ICON prides itself in providing a high level of glaucoma care.
ICL - Advanced Cataract and Vision Correction
The Visian ICL rests in front of the eye's lens, leaving the natural structure of the eye intact. This is preferred in case the ICL should ever have to be removed. This varies from cataract surgeries where the eye's natural lens is removed...
Pterygium is one of those difficult to pronounce medical terms that describes a growth on the eye. Pterygiums are common in patients that spend a lot of time outside...

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