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Denver LASIK eye surgery facilities are numerous and affordable. If you suffer from myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness) or have an astigmatism, you're fortunate to live in Denver. LASIK eye surgery is performed here in the Mile High City more than in any other U.S. metro area. Icon has highly qualified optometrists and independent ophthalmologists in Denver, think of them as your LASIK eye surgery experts who undergo continual training in the latest techniques. Regardless of whether you come from Nebraska, Arizona, Wyoming, Grand Junction, Aspen, you are a resident of Denver, Icon LASIK eye surgery center is conveniently located and easy to access.

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    LASIK is an acronym meaning "Laser Assisted in-SItu Keratomileusis." The procedure uses a precision laser in order to cut a flap of tissue on your cornea. If you think of your eye as a camera, the cornea is analogous to the lens. The "film" consists of the retina at the rear of the inner eyeball. Images, in the form of light waves, enter the eye through the cornea and strike the retina. The retina then records the images and sends them on to the brain via the optic nerve. Over time, the eyeball may change shape for any number of reasons. When the shape of the camera is changed, the light images entering the eye cannot be focused against the retina properly. Icon your Denver LASIK eye surgery provider uses a procedure, which involves making precision cuts into the corneal tissue with a tightly focused laser beam. The purpose is to change the shape of the cornea, or lens, in order to correct your eye's ability to focus.

    Not every potential Denver LASIK eye surgery patient may be a suitable candidate for the procedure, but typically up to 99% of those who undergo LASIK, experience vast improvement in their eyesight, achieving 20/20 vision. Call Icon, your Denver LASIK eye surgery center and make an appointment with our eye care professionals who can help you in determining if LASIK is right for you.

    You will find that in Denver, LASIK eye surgery is both convenient and affordable. The procedure itself takes little more than an hour, and is virtually painless. Depending on your particular case, you may be able to have both eyes treated for as little as $999, and there are numerous payment options to fit anyone's budget. Call your Denver LASIK eye surgery provider today!

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