At ICON LASIK in Denver you get the same surgical team that treated Denver’s own legend, John Elway. In addition, to John the team has provided care to Tom Danielson (8th 2011 Tour de France and 3rd 2011 and 2012 Tour of California), and Indy car driver JR Hildebrand. When athletes such as John, Tom, and JR select Denver LASIK provider ICON LASIK you know that you are in the best hands available.

In addition to having big named patients, Icon’s laser eye surgery team has treated 150,000+ eyes in Denver. Odds are someone you are related to, work with, or know in the Denver metro area has had eye surgery at Icon. Ask around and you will see how surgery can improve your quality of life.

John Elway LASIK
"Without a doubt Icon is the best solution for vision correction, not just in Colorado but anywhere! I highly recommend ICON LASIK for your vision correction"

John Elway

So you know that people that depending upon their vision for their livelihood selected ICON LASIK but now you need to know why. There are three reasons:

  • Experience – More elective (LASIK, PRK, ICL, etc) procedures performed than any other clinic in Denver (or all of Colorado).
  • Technology – With the leading lasers from NIDEK, VISX, and Intralase the treating Optometrists and Ophthalmologists have lots of options on how to best treat you. The doctors select the laser platform that is right for your eyes and that provides the best surgical outcome for you. With the best platforms to choose from you can trust the experience to get the best surgical outcome possible.
  • Affordability – All of the experience in the world and the best technology does not do any good if no one can afford it. Icon is proud that we have made LASIK affordable for everyone. At Icon, LASIK starts at just $499 per eye and goes up to $1699 depending upon the prescription. Intraocular Lenses (ICLs) vary from $2400 and go up to $4400 per eye (this is what Tom Danielson had done).

In addition to being the most experienced, having the best technology, and being the most affordable, we also support dozens of local charities, and events that bring millions of dollars into Colorado every year. These events include:

  • USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Icon LASIK is back as the official LASIK provider. We have helped dozens of high profile cyclist and industry leaders including Tom Danielson, Lucas Euser (Team Spidertech), Biju Thomas (cycling chef), xTerra game favorites, and many other endurance athletes!
  • Elephant Rock – If you participated in the 2012 Elephant Rock near Castle Rock we hope that you saw our tent and stopped by to pick up a water bottle. 7500+ Coloradoans participate in Elephant Rock every year. It is the unofficial start to the cycling season in Colorado. Participants in 2012 enjoyed fantastic weather and flawless planning!
  • ICON LASIK Tour of the Moon – Icon is proud to be the title sponsor for this classic route in western Colorado the event is going to be a great end cap to the season. Plus, if you get LASIK between now and the middle of September you are going to be eligible for an all-expenses paid trip to Grand Junction to participate in the event. More details to come but we are going to make it open to people that have had LASIK at Icon starting in June 2012.

Now you know that Icon LASIK in Denver is the leading laser eye surgery provider in Colorado because of the (1) Experience, (2) Technology, and (3) Affordability. In addition, Icon supports local charities and events throughout the state. Icon greatly enjoys being a part of the community and everyone on the team takes great pride in changing people’s lives by providing the highest quality vision correction.

If you are interested in setting up a free consultation simply complete the form or give us a call. All consultations are comprehensive and provide you will all of the information possible to make an informed decision on improving your vision with LASIK, PRK, or ICLs.