The Visian ICL is a state-of-the-art solution that i’s ideal for anyone with the need or desire for quality vision correction.

Why Patients Seek Visian ICL
Patients that select Visian are expecting the absolute highest quality post surgical vision. Visian ICL is an excellent choice for nearly all patients who are nearsighted with or without an astigmatism (astigmatism corrected with LASIK not Visian ICL).

The Difference Between LASIK and Visian ICL
Visian icl transplants inplant vision correction denver colorado eye surgeonsPhakic intraocular lenses, or lenses that are inserted into the eye and work with the natural lens, have been used successfully to treat vision disorders for over 10 years. First developed in 1992, at the Fyodorov Institute in Russia, the Visian ICL has undergone extensive development and rigorous clinical trials, resulting in the product now available for use worldwide and in the US since 2005.

Unlike corneal refractive surgery, such as LASIK and PRK, the Visian ICL does not alter the structure of the eye, or involve tissue removal. Instead, the lens is inserted inside of the eye and works with the eye's natural optical system (cornea and lens) to enhance its performance. The Visian ICL requires a small opening during a short surgical procedure with an almost immediate improvement in visual acuity. This extremely quick visual recovery is one of the many reasons surgeons choose this phakic IOL technology for vision correction.

Visian ICL Results in Excellent Visual Acuity
High quality of vision – The Visian ICL not only improves your visual acuity, but it also enhances your quality of vision by producing sharp, vivid vision with greater depth and dimension.

Visian ICL's Provide a Wide Treatment Tange
visian icl Combined with other refractive procedures, Visian ICL offers the widest treatment range for treating myopia (as low as -3.0 diopters to as high as -20.0 diopters).

Visian ICL Provides the “Wow” Factor
After a simple 15-minute outpatient procedure, patients experience an immediate improvement in vision quality and are “Wowed” by the results. In fact, over 99% of patients were satisfied with the Visian ICL procedure.

Short Recovery Time
Because the Visian ICL is foldable, only a small opening is required during the procedure (3mm or 1/10 inch). This feature makes the procedure efficient and dramatically reduces healing time. In fact, the Visian ICL offers full recovery typically in 1-2 days, with minimal discomfort.

Protection Against Harmful UV Exposure
As an added feature, the Visian ICL advanced lens material contains a UV blocker that actually prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering the eye, possibly preventing the development of UV related eye disorders. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can damage the eyes; longer term or more intense exposure increase the chance of eye disorders including the development of cataracts and some retinal problems.

Visian ICL's are Invisible
The placement of the Visian ICL into the posterior chamber of the eye makes the lens invisible to both the patient and any observer.

ICON Eyecare and Visian ICL's Proven Track Record
Just like ICON Eyecare's experience here in Colorado, Visian ICL's have been implanted in over 80,000 eyes worldwide, the safety and amazing improvement in vision quality of the Visian ICL has been proven over the last 15 years.

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