Since 1999, ICON has performed over 200,000 surgical procedures.

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The ICON Story

ICON Eyecare provides a range of medical and surgical eye care procedures to give each and every patient a unique, personalized experience designed for the best individual results possible. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Rick Anderson, ICON Eyecare has 11 convenient locations throughout Colorado and Texas, including 6 near Denver and 3 on the Western Slope. With a growing number of locations to better serve patients for LASIK and surgical eye care procedures including laser cataract surgery, glaucoma and more, ICON is your center of ophthalmological excellence.
ICON Eyecare’s dedication to patient-centric eye care is achieved through a three-fold approach: Working with some of the best eye surgeons and eye care professionals in the country, treating patients with the most advanced techniques and technology available, and making patients feel comfortable, cared for and confident in their eye care. At ICON Eyecare we understand that your eye health and LASIK eye surgery or procedure can be a source of anxiety, we take the time to fully explain all procedures, recommendations and care needs to ensure you’re comfortable with your options.

ICON Eyecare and its associated surgeons have performed more than 200,000 LASIK vision correction surgeries. ICON Eyecare is proud to offer blade-free LASIK using the advanced Victus vision correction laser as well as several additional state of the art technology tools and equipment to best serve patients. Individuals can expect a higher standard of care from the first moment at ICON Eyecare, from friendly, assuring staff and state of the art technology to patient education and experienced doctors walking through each step of the consultation and procedure.

Our Values

ICON’s values are imprinted prominently above the lobby of our corporate headquarters to symbolize their leadership role in our company. Our values drive our surgeons, optometrists and associates to set new standards of excellence on behalf of our patients, their loved ones and communities where we provide care.

1. Patients We exist to serve the needs of our patients. Every objective, action and decision within our company is focused on serving our patients with excellence.

2. Excellence We embrace that our work is never complete - we will set ever higher standards of excellence in the eye care industry.

3. Integrity Our patients, their loved ones and our communities have confidence in us because we are trustworthy.

4. Commitment By our commitment to the ICON vision, patients and ourselves, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of execution and delivery of inspired care.

5. Fulfillment We are inspired by our patient experiences and outcomes and are passionate about our journey together.

6. Growth We are committed to the growth of ICON, ourselves and each other.

7. Fun! We choose to smile, support our fellow team members, and enjoy our work together.

Our Mission

ICON strives to set new standards of excellence by combining the best technology, patient experience, affordability, and surgical outcomes. 

Our Team

ICON’S team of eye care providers and administrative leadership have made a promise to patients and to each other that serves as the backbone of our culture and vision to be a community focused and a nationally recognized leader of surgical eye care.

  • Our promise to patients – We are devoted to you and your eye care, each and every day and for your lifetime. We strive to deliver superior care in an inspired environment.
  • Our team member's promise – Team members are inspired and committed to each other in the pursuit of patient care excellence, personal fulfillment, and both personal and professional growth.

ICON’S team of surgeons, optometrists, and support staff strives to lead the nation by providing the highest quality surgical eye care. Meet ICON's team.

Optometry Patient Co-Management with ICON

ICON strives to work with the optometrists in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona to provide the highest level of pre and post surgical care for its patients. ICON's broad base of patients with over 200,000 surgical procedures performed creates many opportunities for co-management with referring optometrists.

Health Care Jobs in Denver, Loveland, Grand Junction, Colorado

ICON is always looking for more great team members for its locations in Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction. ICON offers generous incentive plans and very competitive pay. Visit our job page for more information on eye care job openings in Denver, Grand Junction, Loveland, and Phoenix.

ICON Press Releases

  • Icon LASIK Adds Best in Class Diagnostic Technology

Athlete and Celebrity Sponsorship Information

ICON supports a wide range of professional and Olympic athletes from sports as diverse as professional car racing, professional football, boxing, cycling and video gamers! If you, or an athlete that you treat or represent is in need of world class vision care we welcome you to setup an appointment at one of ICON's centers of excellence in Denver, Grand Junction, Loveland, Colorado, or in Dallas, Texas.

Community Involvement

ICON Eyecare frequently donates to local charities in Colorado and Texas. In 2015 ICON announced a major gift to Denver Health to establish an eye care clinic to offer care for the underserved communities in Denver. Learn more about this Denver Health partnership.

ICON also supports numerous auctions through gifting of free LASIK procedures for raffles and auctions.

See just a few of the Denver Charities that ICON supports.

Here are few recent donations - ICON Eyecare donated LASIK surgery to the Children's Diabetes Foundation at Denver for the High Hopes Tribute Dinner Auction. Visit Children's Diabetes Foundation for more information. ICON has also helped the Denver Ronald McDonald House.ICON supports the Ram Good Time Foundation which helps student-athletes at Colorado State University (CSU).

If you represent a local charity we would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact us using the form below for more information.

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