Affordable LASIK from Experienced LASIK Surgeons

Icon offers affordable LASIK in Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction, Colorado on FDA approved lasers. The cost of LASIK starts at $499 per eye and goes up to $1799. The price is determined by your prescription and which laser platform is best for your eyes.

ICON is the most affordable for two reasons:

  1. ICON is selective in the co-management doctors that it works with to ensure only the necessary LASIK or cataract procedures are performed pre and post op. This means that ICON's physicians help minimize unnecessary and duplicate testing that can greatly increase the fees for LASIK and cataract surgery. Other clinics may pay a referral fee to your optometrist and extra fees for diagnostic tests that ICON then has to re-run to ensure that you are in fact a good candidate. It should be noted that sometimes vision tests do have to be run multiple times to verify results or, for example, to ensure that your prescription is stable.
  2. ICON owns every laser that the independent surgeons at Icon use. This includes the Allegretto, the VICTUS, the VISX, and the NIDEK. Many other LASIK centers charge the surgeons a fee per eye to rent the lasers. This fee increases the cost of surgery at other clinics. Icon effectively cuts out the middle man while providing the highest quality care and the latest technology.

What does LASIK cost at ICON

Most patients (>50%) get LASIK for approximately $899 per eye. This price includes the initial consultation, the 1 week, the 3 week, and the 6 month follow-up appointments. Many more patients get LASIK for $499 than $1799 simply because there are more patients that have a lower prescription. Schedule your free LASIK consultation today.

We currently have special pricing on the VICTUS laser that starts out at $999 per eye. Setup your free consultation to see if the Allegretto or VICTUS lasers are the right lasers for you.

Can I finance LASIK?

YES! ICON offers excellent LASIK financing for all credit types. Financing approval is fast even for very low credit scores.

Affordable LASIK with Highly Experienced Surgeons

ICON's independent surgeons have performed over 150,000+ LASIK, PRK, pterygium, and cataract procedures in Colorado since 1999. Experienced eye surgeons, affordable pricing, and class leading technology are what make ICON LASIK the go-to center for vision correction.

John Elway Selects Icon LASIK in Denver Colorado Laser eye surgery

John Elway talks about why he selected Icon LASIK for his laser eye surgery experience. Icon LASIK's independent eye surgeons provide services at Icon's Denver and Loveland, Colorado locations.

April Zesbaugh on the Cost of LASIK

Precios de LASIK

I feel like I should do a song and a dance this morning. I DID IT. It’s like being 18 years old again. I got lasik surgery from Icon LASIK in Denver on Friday and I can finally see what I’ve been missing. I drove to work this morning and saw the street signs that were you know 15 – 20 yards away. I watched the super bowl last night without my glasses on. I can’t wait to go skiing this weekend without those drying and annoying contact lenses. Just so you know it was painless and it went very quickly. It took less than five minutes per eye. And the doctors that did my surgery also did John Elway’s. How cool is that?

I picked Icon LASIK because of their massive amount of experience and their advanced technology. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their affordability.

I can honestly say that next to having my child and getting married this is the best thing I’ve ever done!

How does Icon offer LASIK and maintain the best surgical outcome?

Icon's business model allows us to offer more affordable pricing while still investing in the absolute best LASIK technology available anywhere in the world. If you get multiple LASIK consultations, ask which lasers the center has and why they have that particular laser. Often, you'll find that a particular LASIK center will have a certain laser depending upon the laser manufacture's lease rates! It is really not that much different than leasing a car. You drive what you can afford. The same is true with eye care centers. We know of a few centers in Denver that lost their leases and moved on to a new laser. Of course the LASIK centers won't tell you why they switched lasers, but ask them the tough questions and you'll be able to pick up on it.

Quick facts on the price of LASIK

  • The price is determined by your prescription.
  • To get a personalized quote for LASIK, setup a complimentary consultation. The consultation takes about one hour. It includes a comprehensive eye exam, including detailed images of the eye.
  • LASIK financing is available.
  • Schedule a free lasik consultation and take advantage of our special LASIK financing offers.

It is Icon's belief that it owns the best laser platforms available. We do this because we want the doctor to be free to make the right recommendation to the patient based on the probability of producing the best surgical outcome. We do not want the doctor to make recommendations based on financial decisions or the unavailability of a certain laser platform e.g. the Wavefront or Victus bladeless vs the NIDEK or Allegretto. At Icon centers the doctors, through their experience, determine which laser is the best for your eyes.

Because of Icon's efficient business model, LASIK at Icon in Denver, Loveland, and Grand Junction is the most affordable vision correction available anywhere in the country. With Icon's experience you know you'll get the best possible care along with affordable pricing. In addition, Icon offers great financing plans for all patients.

The Best LASIK Technology and the Best Training

Not only does Icon invest in the best technology it also invest in training. Icon's doctors have been all over the world to receive training on the latest techniques and research in refractive medicine. In addition, the volume of procedures that Icon performs ensures that our doctors have experience and see many different scenarios that may come up during surgery.