ICON has invested heavily in technology to ensure that our experienced optometrists and board certified ophthalmologists have the best diagnostic and surgical equipment possible. This leading eye care technology allows the experienced surgeons to make the right recommendations for your eyes.

With more than 200,000 surgical eye care procedures performed, you know that ICON's surgical staff has the experience to make your eye exam, LASIK surgery or other eye care procedure the most comfortable possible. ICON recently added an Optical Path Difference Scanning System ("OPD-Scan"). This new pre-operative technology, combined with FDA approved lasers including the Star S4 IR Excimer Laser System with Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) and Wavescan Wavefront System, IntraLase Bladeless LASIK, and the Nidek EC-5000 Excimer Laser System, is used by surgeons with industry leading experience to provide the best possible chances of achieving vision that is 20/20 or better.

ICON's New LASIK Technology in Denver, Loveland, Golden and Grand Junction

Your eyes deserve the best technology available anywhere in the world. ICON provides this technology right here in Denver, Loveland, Grand Junction, Colorado and also in Dallas, Texas. ICON technology includes:

  • OPD-Scan enabling better than 20/20 vision

    The new OPD Scan allows the surgeon to correct both lower and higher order optical aberrations according to each patient's individual, unique requirements. The result is the possibility of improving your visual acuity beyond the old 20/20 standard of "perfect" vision.

  • Wavefront Custom LASIK VISX Wavescan technology helps improve some patients' surgical outcome beyond 20/20.
  • NIDEK EC 5000 Eye Tracker The best laser available for most patients because of the excellent surgical outcome.
  • Top of the line pre-screening technologies including the Pentacam, IOLMaster from Carl Zeiss and the Orbscan. These technologies are vital to examine your eyes properly before a LASIK procedure.
Pentacam 202/20
LASIK Diagnostic Image
Intralase lasik denver

Denver's Best Technology and Most LASIK Experience

Selecting the right LASIK provider is an important choice. Take these factors into consideration:

1. LASIK Experience

ICON has the most LASIK experience in Colorado with more that 200,000 LASIK procedures performed at its clinics.

2. LASIK Technology

ICON has the best LASIK technology available at one location anywhere in the country! This includes five laser platforms and multiple advanced pre-op diagnostic tools to determine if surgery is right for your eyes. Even with this technology there are still risks associated with LASIK. Please review those on our risks page and with the eye doctor during your consultation and before surgery.

3. LASIK Affordability

Yes, price does matter. Because of ICON's experience and focus on Colorado patients we provide the best LASIK pricing available anywhere. We also offer great financing plans for those that are interested. Taking all of these factors into consideration, ICON is the best choice for LASIK. Schedule a free consultation today.

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