ICON LASIK is the first known eye care, sunglass store, and surgery center to take bitcoin for payment for products and services. ICON LASIK prides itself in leading the way with the latest FDA approved lasers including the VICTUS, the Allegretto, the NIDEK, and the VISX laser platforms. Now, ICON LASIK is setting the path to alternative payments systems to make getting surgery or buying sunglasses at ICON easier than ever.

The benefits of using bitcoin include low transactional fees, high protection against fraud, and accounting transparency. Accepting bitcoin at Icon’s locations helps ICON keep costs low ensuring that surgery, even on the most advanced lasers, is still affordable and within reach of many people. For sunglasses purchases, it makes more routine transactions easier for consumers that favor bitcoin.

ICON LASIK also offers financing for nearly every credit type including those with poor credit histories. As a main stream businesses, like ICON LASIK, accept bitcoin transactions will become easier and more routine for all consumers.
Patients interested in paying for services with bitcoin simply need to setup an appointment at any of ICON’s locations. Payment can be made with bitcoin’s mobile wallets to Icon at time of service.

About ICON LASIK a main stream business that accepts bitcoin

ICON LASIK was selected by John Elway for his LASIK eye surgery, as well as Bode Miller, and professional cyclist Tom Danielson.
The independent surgeons at ICON LASIK’s surgery centers perform laser assisted cataract surgery using the advanced VICTUS laser platform. The VICTUS also allows for all laser LASIK surgery.

ICON’s sunglass locations carry the latest lenses from SMITH Optics, the ChromaPop.

Setup an Appointment and Pay for LASIK with Bitcoin

You can setup an appointment online to see if you are a candidate for LASIK eye surgery.
ChromaPop is a registered trademark of Smith Optics. ICON LASIK is a registered trademark of The Eye Academy of America Ltd. VICTUS is a trademark of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated.

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