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ICON Eyecare's surgeons have performed more than 200,000 LASIK and PRK procedures in Denver, Grand Junction, Golden, and Loveland, Colorado since 1999. This experienced eye surgery team works to provide each patient with the best possible outcome for his or her eyes with affordable pricing.

Quality LASIK results available at an affordable price

allegretto wave eye q laser denverHere are few great things about ICON:

1. ICON Eyecare is selective with its co-management optometrists and general practitioners.
Co-management means an outside doctor, typically your local optometrist, refers you to a surgeon at ICON. Icon's group of referring doctors focus on post-op LASIK care making your visits faster and more efficient.

2. ICON Eyecare owns multiple state of the art lasers.
ICON builds its own state of the art surgery rooms in each location, unlike many clinics that rent their lasers from expensive hospitals or surgery centers. When a surgeon has to rent a laser it also typically means that the surgeon does not have enough business to purchase their own lasers. Not enough business means not enough LASIK surgery experience. Recently, the Denver location added a AMO Catalyst to its arsenal of technology. ICON's technology leads the way in Colorado and the nation. There are risks, contraindications, and other factors that may determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. These risks vary by laser platform. You can read more about the risks associated with LASIK here.

3. Lower price = More patients = More experience = Better results It is indisputable that the more experience a surgeon has, the better the LASIK results are. Moreover, because of the technology that ICON uses, results actually improve after each patient. By using a sophisticated nomogram, which is an advanced statistical analysis software package, ICON's doctors refine the treatments for each patient thereby making the results more predictable and accurate after each eye surgery. With the large number of patients who receive LASIK at ICON's offices, the results become more accurate and predictable every day. Again, even though nearly all patients have a successful LASIK surgical outcome it does not mean that there are not risks. Please fully review the risks associated with LASIK.

The total cost of LASIK at ICON depends on your prescription.

These factors all contribute to how patients can save up to $800 (and possibly a lot more) per eye compared to other clinics in Colorado.

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