To best determine your cost of lasik eye surgery you should schedule a free, no hassle, 45 minute vision evaluation (lasik consultation). This allows ICON's doctors to determine which laser is right for you and if surgery is the best treatment option.
The average cost of LASIK at ICON in Denver, Grand Junction, Golden, and Loveland, Colorado is $899.
Custom LASIK is typically $1499. Schedule a free consultation to find out if you are a good surgical candidate.

Financing is available for most credit types with low interest even with the special $999 lasik pricing.

The cost of LASIK in Denver varies substantially between the various eye care clinics. It is widely believed that Denver is the most competitive lasik market in the country! The result of this competition is lower prices and better care for all patients. ICON is the best LASIK center in Denver because of its advanced technology and experience of over 200,000 procedures performed.

What determines the cost of LASIK?

The cost of LASIK is determined by the clinic's fixed cost (equipment, office space, etc) and per procedure expenses (card fees for performing the surgery). To offer you the best care at the lowest possible price, we tightly control our spending; except on the necessary technology, training, and the hiring of only the best staff. The result is that you receive the best possible surgical outcome without paying for the unnecessary frills.

How are the costs of LASIK clinics broken down and translated into the patients fees?

The major fixed cost of LASIK clinics are the lasers used for surgery and the pre-op testing equipment. At ICON's surgical eye care centers, we purchase lasers directly from the manufactures and we own them outright. This cuts down on finance charges and rental expenses that typical get passed on to the patient. This is only possible because of the volume of procedures that the surgeons at ICON perform. A clinic that does not do as many procedures could not sustain this business model because of large capital expenditures required.

How does the cost of LASIK impact the surgical result?

It is known that the experience of the surgeon and the surgical team translates into the best surgical results. Surgeons that charge the most do the smallest number of procedures. Thus, they generally have less experience doing LASIK (they maybe fine surgeons just not dedicated to LASIK). Therefore, when your clinic has an efficient business model and experienced surgeons you are providing yourself with the highest likelihood of an excellent surgical outcome.

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