Wavefront refers to Icon's VISX Star 4 laser that has produced the most reliable and accurate results of all eye surgeries to date for certain prescriptions. This means the average patient is more likely to have 20/20 or even 20/15 vision. It also means that patients who have difficult prescriptions have a better chance of having a successful surgery.

Denver LASIK Videos

Dr. Anderson of ICON Eyecare was featured on NBC Denver station 9News. Interviewed by Cheryl Preheim Dr. Anderson stated "Dr. Anderson says the most common reasons why people have LASIK are they are near or farsighted, have an astigmatism and/or have reading problems."

For more information on how ICON Eyecare's advanced custom LASIK procedures can help your ski or boarding season setup a free consultation today. Icon offers affordable LASIK pricing while featuring the latest technology. The cost of lasik at ICON is substantially less than at other clinics throughout Colorado. The VISX Star 4 wavefront laser is available at ICON along with the NIDEK EC-5000 eye tracker and the IntraLase bladeless laser system.

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