Colorado’s Icon LASIK adds another laser to its portfolio

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) 9/1/2010 - Denver, Colorado based Icon LASIK is proud to announce that it has added a VISX S4 laser to its already impressive laser portfolio in Grand Junction, Colorado. Headquartered in Denver, Icon LASIK has locations in Denver, Grand Junction, and Loveland, Colorado.

Icon LASIK's Grand Junction laser eye surgery center opened in January 2010 and serves patients from the western slope of Colorado to as far away as Salt Lake City. Adding to Icon's NIDEK EC-5000, the VISX laser is designed to bring Advanced CustomVue™ laser vision correction to patients needing this laser for the best surgical outcome. Featuring VSS Refractive™ technology (Variable Spot Scanning) and VRR™ (Variable Repetition Rate) pulse-packing algorithm, both proprietary to AMO, the STAR S4 IR™ Excimer Laser reduces thermal effects on the cornea, allowing the independent surgeon to perform the Advanced CustomVue procedure quickly and effectively, while maximizing patient safety. The STAR S4 is sometimes needed for some patients requiring treatments however the NIDEK is preferred for some patients as well.

VISX states that the S4 IR Excimer laser delivers benefits that allow the surgeon to conserve tissue by improving treatment times and minimizing effects on the patient's cornea. VISX also employs the ActiveTrak to increase the accuracy of the laser surgical accuracy.

Travis Anderson, O.D. in the Grand Junction office states that having another laser gives the surgeon "the ability to treat a wider range of patients right here in Grand Junction thus cutting out the need for some patients to travel to Denver." Icon is proud to offer the best lasik technology available in Colorado. Icon offers free LASIK consultations at its Denver, Grand Junction, and Loveland eye surgery locations. Combined with affordable financing LASIK is available to nearly everyone.

Many Grand Junction LASIK patients take advantage of laser eye surgery to increase their comfort and performance while taking advantage of the western slopes many recreational opportunities including mountain biking, skiing, cycling, kayaking, dirt biking, etc. Some of Icon's notable patients include Denver's own Icon John Elway. Mr. Elway had LASIK at Icon's Denver office in 2008. In addition, many professional and amateur Colorado and national athletes have selected Icon's independent lasik surgeons for their vision correction.

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Travis Anderson, O.D. Tel: 970-245-0262