The ICON Tour of the Moon

2014 Tour of the Moon Recap

The 2014 Tour of the Moon was a sell out! With perfect weather and an open National Monument the day of great fall riding could not have been better. Mark your calendars for the first weekend in October 2015!.

2013 Government Shutdown Route Recap

The Icon LASIK Tour of the Moon organizers simply rock. In June 2013 they brought up the possibility of the National Monument getting caught in the potential government shutdown. We said no way, "Congress would never let that happen!" Well I'm glad they didn't listen to us..

The organizers laid out an awesome route that included 15 miles of climbing with three long pitches of up to 17%! Steep climbs are hard to find in Colorado so it's fair to say that we all appreciated the challenge. Tom Danielson stated after the ride that it was one of the best climbs that he has seen in Colorado and the descent was worthy of the famous descents in Europe.

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2013 Government Shutdown Route

If you want more info check out the ICON LASIK Tour of the Moon website.

tour of the moon shutdown route