At ICON Eyecare in Denver, we offer bladeless LASIK, wavefront lasik, Allegretto wavescan, and the NIDEK EC-5000 eye tracker platforms. By offering several different LASIK treatment options, you and your ICON Eyecare doctor, will determine which laser vision treatment option is best for you. The result is often better than 20/20 vision. There are risks associated with LASIK that you should be fully aware of before electing to undergo the procedure. However, when performed by a skilled surgeon patient satisfaction results are extremely high. Plus, the cost of LASIK is often cheaper than a years worth of contact lenses or a nice pair of glasses!

Colorado Intralase LASIK

Intralase LASIK Denver

There are many different forms of laser eye surgery available today. With many clinics claiming their technology is the best. Because ICON owns four of the most commonly used lasers, you know that you can trust the opinion of the doctors when they recommend one laser over another. Below is a summary of each lasik laser that Icon's surgeons utilize including a summary of the relevant research.

Wavefront vs NIDEK LASIK

The research shows that for some eyes the NIDEK produces better results than the VISX Wavefront system. Yet, for other prescriptions and conditions ones eyes may respond better to treatment with the Wavefront laser. That is why ICON Eyecare has both the VISX Star 4 Wavefront system and the NIDEK EC-5000. The NIDEK EC-5000 is the most widely used laser in the world. By owning the best technology from multiple manufactures your eye surgeon can determine which laser will produce the best results. Here are some links for you to see the research for yourself:

Intralase bladeless lasik vs Microkeratome

There are two steps in LASIK. First, the corneal flap is cut. Second, the laser (either a NIDEK EC-5000, VISX Wavefront, or Allegretto) makes the corrections. The first step is either "bladeless," meaning the IntraLase laser system is used to cut the flap, or alternatively the surgeon uses a microkeratome to make the cut. Both methods have produced outstanding results for our patients. The IntraLase system may produce a more accurate cut thus enabling more individuals to have LASIK.

"IntraLase may provide the perfect combination of benefits we've been waiting for-thin flaps that heal with biomechanical strength similar to PRK and the quick visual recovery of LASIK." -Elizabeth A. Davis, MD, FACS Read more about ICON Eyecare's lasers.

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